Lyrics / 歌詞

Run to the sky

Fly don't deny


Get high, feelin like a firefly

Despite you, gonna be gettin high

On time 他に見えない

楽しい, now time to satisfy

Red tag no way to clarify

Looks so far, あまり遠くない

Let's go, 簡単に simplify

Ready, set, go


Run to the sky

Fly don't deny


Stand by, waitin for the overflow

Let's go, on our way to 東京

Bad girls, too many 彼女

やりすぎ, feel like a gigolo

Get your groove on anyone and everyone

Run your face off, into oblivion

Feel the flow full on get it on

Steady, let's go


My body can't take no more

Why can't I just be alone


So many things to do before I'm dead

Maybe its all just in my head


Run to the sky

Fly don't deny


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